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Faq extremetexture

1 - After purchasing, how can I download my product?

After the purchase a message will be sent to the e-mail address used to register with the download link. It will be possible to make up to 3 downloads over a maximum period of 15 days. If the download does not go well, contact extremetexture.com. Downloads are also available in "Your account > History and details of my orders" in the detail of your order.

2 - I bought a texture that contains 2 bump channels, how are they used?

Some textures have 2 bump channels to give you more chances of use. You can use one or both channels at the same time, overlapping and blending them with the method "multiply" (if your 3d software does not allow it, you can merge them using a photo editing software, to get a single bump map).

3 - Are normal maps supplied with your textures?

Currently no, because the bump map contains the same information contained in the normal map and brings to the same results. However normal maps for some materials that require a marked displacement are under study.

4 - Why no numerical value is given to create the material properly?

Because, first of all, there are no "correct values" with which to set the texture. Very different values lead to different results, which can all be proper. By the way we could possibly provide the parameters related only to the software we use internally for our tests, thus penalizing those who use different softwares.

5 - I bought some textures, but the results are very different from the images published in the demonstration site, why?

It is probably normal. The textures used in a render are only one element contributing to the final result. Set of materials, use of light, rendering engine, and above all, the skill of the operator are of paramount importance, and are all variables that lead to endless combination.

6 - I bought a texture including a displacement map, but my computer is too slow for the calculation of the displacement, how can I do?

You can use the displacement map in the bump channel, and superimpose it with the bump map texture method "multiply", with 50% opacity. Of course this is a starting point, then, with your experience, set parameters correctly to achieve the desired result. This however does not match the effect of the displacement, but in many cases the difference is not visible and the rendering time will be shorter.


7 - About taxes

In this site all prices are shown without tax (VAT). At the moment of check out tax will be added, with the rate of you country (European rule). If you are a company residing in EU, fill the proper field in your profile with a valid EU VAT ID, so tax will not be added. If you are outside EU, your order will not be charged with VAT.


If you have any question that you want to submit us send a mail to info@extremetextures.com or click on "contacts" in the menu above and fill the form.

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