Archi+ Tadelakt 001

Archi+ Tadelakt 001 is a lime-based plaster in powder for interiors, with hydraulic lime. Smooth decorated walls that look like marble, with a natural and mineral visual and a surface pleasing to the touch, Archi+ Tadelakt represents the antique charm of Moroccan riads with a modern design.

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"Tapis Beige" Natural Stone

Tapis Beige is a product of Trame Di Pietra collection, a project by TWS. New surface effects on slabs in natural stone are proposed for flooring and wall coverings. The technique transforms the material, without altering its nature, creating micro-engraved surfaces “ton sur ton”, with lights and shades effects.

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Archi+Pietra Intonaco 19041

Archi+Pietra Intonaco 19041 is a lime-based powder coating for interiors, with stone-like effect and more reflective minerals in it. This product with its high quality rough finish and a soft brick red, is very suitable for a modern environment such as a living room or dining room.

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"San Josè" Square Panels

Oak, teak and wenge define the pattern of these wooden tiles, 600x600mm large, with a beautiful design that recalls the waves of the sea on a Caribbean beach.

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Wall2Floor 050

Wall2Floor is a multi-layer system that permits to achieve seamless surfaces, jointless, according to the most recent trends in architecture. The ideal system for both traditional and contemporary environments, thanks to the elegant chromatic solutions and textures with past and present contaminations.

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Archi+ Pietra Intonaco Bianco & FS 6200

Archi+ Pietra Intonaco is a mineral plaster coat inpowder for interiors, based on hydraulic lime with bigger grain. The particular formulation allows the attainment of top quality finishes. It's possible to observe in detail the signs of the hand drafting of the product and the more reflective minerals in it.

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Lapitec "Fossil" Collection

With their split stone aspect similar to fossils, these slabs in coarse-textured surface of “Fossil” finish recall the flamed granite look, which is able to limit slipperiness. “Fossil” is the ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor cladding panels and for anti-slip flooring requirements.

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Oak Square Panels "Rinascimento"

These Oak Square Panels link the antique tradition with the aesthetics of these times, so it can be used in both contemporary interiors and ancient villas due to its simple, classical design and natural light colour.

Archi+ Pietra 19037

Lime-based powder coating for interiors, based on hydraulic lime with stone effect.

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Archi+ Concrete & FS 6101

Mineral plaster coat in powder for interiors and exteriors, for cement effects.

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Walnut Square Panels

Walnut wood is one of the most used precious woods for furnishing and home accessories. This type of square pattern can be efficiently used in home interiors to give a dark light and a classic sense of intimacy to your scene.

Dripping Wall 02

Dripping is a pictorial technique characteristic of American action painting, developed in its most typical form in the late forties by Jackson Pollock. This texture recalls the drip painting technique creating a nice effect of shadows and reflections.