Dripping Wall 01

Dripping is a pictorial technique characteristic of American action painting, developed in its most typical form in the late forties by Jackson Pollock. This texture recalls the drip painting technique creating a warm and slightly rustic effect.

Spatulate Microcement

Microcement is a decorative, composite coating based on cement, water-based resins, additives and mineral pigments.

In this solution we offer a deòicate Ivory finish for a classic environment that completes the style with refined discretion, and a Cool Gray finish with a more visible spatula effect for a modern style.

Resin Plaster n.1

This beautiful texture is the perfect solution to create seamless surfaces as wall coverings and floorings suitable for use in both residential and commercial environments. It is derived from a resin hand-applied as a plaster-like skin, to obtain modern and elegant solutions.

Concrete Paving Stones 1&2

This texture is provided in two kind of interlocking pavers, made of different concrete. Moreover they are provided in two kind of laying design, both useful for tipical applications in urban areas or residentials. Actually, you buy one product and get two. A good deal!

“Intonachino” Pitted Plaster

This texture is 380x380cm (150”x150”) wide. The pitted plaster finish has the rugged appearance of lightly polished limestone. The texture can be used as a wall covering to obtain a finish very similar to the coloured plasters used in historical buildings in Venice, Italy (the so-called "Intonachino"). As an alternative, it can also be used as a concrete floor.

Old Wall 02

If you are trying to transfer an "old style" to your interiors renderings, try this unique amazing texture.

NOTE: this map is not tileable, but suitable to texturize a 3,4x9,3 meters wall (11,15 x 30,5 feet) without repetition!

Smooth Concrete 02

Resin treated concrete, an pretty tough and resilient flooring. Extremely versatile, it can be used in spaces like offices,  modern living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and so on. Interesting results can be obtained using only the reflection map with a uniform white or light grey surface in the diffuse channel.

Gray Stucco

Stucco, roughly textured cement or plaster, is used on interior walls in order for the coarse finish to add depth, interest and visual warmth. This refined grey stucco makes for a cool, modern design that blends with a variety of different decorating styles and gives a historic or handcrafted look to any space. Good results are also obtained mixing in diffuse channel with a flat colour.

Plaster 01

This product, designed to be applied in different spaces and give a raw modern style to your scene, is characterized by a smooth strong and durable finish. The mottled effect adds a rustic feel to the finish. With these great aspects, this texture provides a tough, forever lasting coloured plaster to walls and floors to create a distinctly unique mottled look.

Old Wall 01

If you are looking for a particular style for your interiors renderings, try this unique amazing texture. 

Note: this map is not tileable, but suitable to texturize a 5x7,8 meters wall (about 16 x 25 feet) without tiling! The texture used for the floor in the cover scene is the "Old Exposed Pine" (ref. TEX0021).

Sponging Yellow
Sponging Ivory

Sponging Ivory. Good results also using only reflection map on a monocrome flat diffuse channel.