Smoothed Beech

This texture is composed of 24 medium-sized tables, captured at a very high resolution. You can use it as a floor, bright and very natural, suitable to be used in any domestic environment.

You can find the texture used as a wall at the ID TEX0044, with the name "Facing Bricks 02".

Beech Square Panels

This type of beech (Fagus sylvatica) is very appreciated for its natural beauty and pale color. The square pattern can be used successfully in domestic environments, to provide your scene with a vague sense of lightness.

Mare Rubidus

“Mare rubidus” it means “Dark red sea”. This peculiar beech (fagus sylvatica) is produced in large boards 243cm long and 18.5cm wide. It gives to your floor an interesting and unusual sense of vagueness, like a dark sea surface. If you are looking for a new product and different, try this large dimension texture.

Light Rough Beech

Light Rough Beech (Fagus Sylvatica). Precious beech boards from Europe. This texture includes a variety of boards - free of imperfections or with noticeable plastered knots and cracks and other natural imperfections. The fair color of this wood makes it appropriate for nordic style interiors. The saw cut is clearly visible in the reflection map.

Warm European Beech

Warm European Beech (Fagus Sylvatica)

Beautiful beech boards with warm and natural shades. The boards - 23cm (9.0") wide and 185cm (72.8") long - are characterized by plastered knots and imperfections that lend the product a look in line with the modern Italian style trends. Such imperfections are clearly visible in the map of reflections.

Hard Rock Maple

Canadian Hard Rock Maple (Acer saccharum). Wood with pale tone and light chromatic shades ranging from nearly white, to an off-white cream colour, sometimes with a reddish or golden hue. The grain is generally straight, but may be wavy. The uniformity of colour among boards creates a continuous surface effect, making it suitable for a refined and elegant environment. Matte finish with saw cut.

African Amazakouè

African Amazakouè (Guibourtia ehie) Rare and precious wood of African origins: the heartwood -the inner part of the trunk- is rich in varying shades of yellowish to reddish brown with darker brown, gray, or black stripes. Clearly demarcated from heartwood is the sapwood –the newest layer- with a pale yellow colour. Satin finish, with saw-cut, visible mainly in reflection and lightly in the bump.

Oak Boards 03

A beautiful oak boards floor; many grain and tones variations, due also to the presence of the heartwood, the dead and inner portion of a wooden stem or branch. Strong, beautiful, easy-to-work and moderately priced, oak represents an exceptional value and is widely used by woodworkers. 

NOTE: Sofa model by Ngoc Bau (Vietnam)

Shingle 02

Bored with modelling a shingle cladding? Here is a shingle high-resolution texture, suitable for exterior surfaces such as roofs and walls.

Spaced White Planks

“Restored style” planks, spaced and white painted. Bump1 map creates many irregularities on the edges of every plank, bump2 map adds light scratches and cracks on the surface, and finally the complex reflection, for a high quality material. These light reflecting white planks applied to the wall or floor offer a clean, classic look that works with any space. 

Two-colors Maple Panels

The contrast between the light- and dark-coloured Canadian maple woods characterizes these panels. The complex reflection map allows you to reach an extreme realistic saw cut finish effect.