European Walnut

Walnut is one of the noblest woods. Many color variations, various grains and knots are the beauty of this wood.

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Inlaid Wood-Metal Panels

Decorative wood oak panels with metal inlay. For luxury interior, a sophisticated design combining handicraft and innovative techniques. Different refined materials blend together to create unique floors addressed to lovers of elegance and exclusivity.

White Painted Oak 02

White painted oak floor, perfect for “nordic style” interiors. Use the reflex/bump2 map heavy for reflection, very light (close to zero) for bump.

Canadian Maple Sawcut

Stylish and elegant floor of Canadian Maple. A light, yet warm-looking floor, with saw cut finish. The complex reflection and bump2 maps allow you to reach an extreme realistic saw cut finish effect. 

Dark Oak

Oak Flooring is appreciated for its strength, exceptional durability, and natural beauty. The colour of red oak flooring varies widely from light honey yellow with a salmon tint to a warm amber with brown undertones, such as the case of this darker variant. Its grain pattern shows wider lines that often run in zigzag or wavy patterns. Useful for floors and walls covering as well.

Blonde Oak Sawcut

Very nice texture of elegant oak boards. A warm natural coloured floor, with quite linear grain and regular joints and saw cut finish. It can be used for floors and walls covering as well. Strong, beautiful, easy-to-work and moderately priced, oak represents an exceptional value and is widely used by woodworkers. Use a very low value for bump2 map, a slightly higher value for the reflection one.

Wenge Herringbone

A classic herringbone design parquet floor meets wenge wood, with its wide range of colours, from yellow/orange, light brown to black, and infinite grain forms. Class, sophistication, durability and quality that would look stunning flowing along hallways and large areas, equally so this floor can be used in smaller areas.

Wood Hexagonal Mosaic

A complex pattern with hexagonal elements, all made of solid natural finish oak.  These elegant geometrical flooring are actually engineered  and designed though a very complex process to precisely match the wooden texture, pattern and it directional flow. A fresh new concept that will add the dash of modernism to your décor and an overall interior’s ambiance.

Maple Moka 01

The elegance of maple wood, Moka coloration treated. The complex reflection and bump2 maps allows you to reach an extreme realistic rough sawn finish effect.

White Pickled Oak 01

Treated oak wood to make it appear even lighter, brighter. White pickling -  particularly appreciated for its decorative value – is one of the most requested floor treatments for modern interiors. 

Oak Panels 03

A great geometrically designed floor, composed by naturally treated oak panels. A very accurate bump map (bump2) gives a result which is virtually identical to the original brushed finishing. Reflection map is not needed, just set it low and very blurred (if you wish to search for new results, try using bump2 map in reflection channel).

Teak Panels 01

Teak is one of the most precious and resistant wood. Here is a texture of 80cm x 80cm teak panels. The bump2 map is designed to create the original brushed finishing.