Restored Whitened Ash

Ash flooring has a very light natural colour that can brighten any space. Characterized by a very similar graining pattern with respect to oak flooring, yet ash flooring distinguishes for the varying colour – ranging from the light golden colour of the sapwood to the dark brown of the heartwood. White ash is elastic and hard and has excellent shock-resistance.

Duramen Wood

Solid duramen wood floor boards. Duramen (or heartwood) represents the oldest part of the tree that no longer conducts the sap and serves only as a support. As a result of a naturally occurring chemical transformation it has become more resistant to decay. 

Old Exposed Pine

Very fashionable old exposed pine, well grinded but keeping all small imperfections. Double sized boards, that can also be used for decorative walls. Pine softwood flooring, characterized by a classic beauty and appeal, radiates warmth and comfort.

Handplaned Pecan Walnut

Handplaned Pecan Walnut; we put our best attention in the contruction of the bump2 channel, with the purpose to have the absolute realism of these handmade boards.

Whitepainted Oak
Walnut Industrial

Walnut industrial parquet wood boards. Durability and resistance characterize walnut flooring. There is strong variance in tones: the sap wood is almost white and the heart retains the traditional dark brown shades with almost a purplish overtone. The deep rich colours and natural designs of the grain of the wood will give your space a distinct and warm feeling.

Walnut Composed 1

Walnut Composed Floor

Grey Oak

Solid oak wood boards. Classic oak flooring has a timeless look and is one of the most popular styles in hardwood flooring. Oak flooring is particularly appreciated for its strength, exceptional durability, and natural beauty. Greyness is meant to bring out and highlight the weakness in tone.

Dark Whitewashed Oak

Natural treated 20x200cm (8”x80”) oak boards. Oak flooring is appreciated for its strength, exceptional durability, and natural beauty. This type of flooring tends to be more stylish and hide imperfections.

Parquet HerringBone 1

A classic oak parquet floor, characterized by herringbone geometrical patterns. Class, sophistication, durability and quality that would look stunning flowing along hallways and large areas, equally so this classic design can be used in smaller areas.

Parquet Classic 1

A classic oak parquet floor. Parquet installation is the laying of wood flooring planks in a repeated geometric pattern. This squared modules parquet pattern gives a very distinct and sophisticated look to any room.